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Want to protect your cyber windows server for dummies pdf and still get fast solutions? Ask a secure question today. Citrix mean any number of products written by an organization ?

The users can have an “ICA client” installed on their PC, for example, which allows them to get to their “published applications”. These published apps can either be individual applications, or a ‘remote desktop” type session. You can also use a web client to do the same thing via a web browser. One reason people use Citrix instead of just remote desktop is that Citrix has an ICA protocol which is optimized to provide better performance over low bandwidth. And in general, Citrix provides lots of bells and whistles that make the end user experience better in this type of Terminal Serivices type of application delivery. Citrix can also mean other things like streaming application delivery and other newer features, but above is a mile high description! EXACTLY, what I ws looking for.