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Bhavani translates to “giver of life”, meaning the power of nature or the source of creative energy. Many Marathi folk stories celebrate her. Shivaji’s mother was said to be a great devotee of Bhavani. This temple was built close to the 12th century CE. The goddess Bhavani is held in great reverence throughout Maharashtra. Karunaswaroopini, an embodiment of mercy.

The Bhavani temple in Tuljapur is located on a hill known as Yamunachala, on the slopes of the Sahayadri range in Maharashtra near Sholapur. The temple entrance is elevated and visitors ascend a flight of steps to reach the shrine. Historic records speak of the existence of this temple from as early as the 12th century CE. Legend says that a demon by the name of Matanga wreaked havoc upon the devas and humans, who approached Brahma for help.