Ujjwala kyc application pdf

They are an important subsistence tool for the poor, providing proof of ujjwala kyc application pdf and a connection with government databases. Both versions bear a photograph of the head of the bearer’s family. One card per family is issued by the state government. APL ration cards are based on the economic status of the family.

25 fee, along with the old ration card, if any. Processing typically takes one month. They are acknowledged with an appointment. On appointment day, the applicant and all family members visit the ration registration office with originals of their uploaded documents for verification and biometric data collection, including photographs and fingerprints of all family members. Physical verification of the information is made at the home address. Many problems with the PDS ration system exist. Card numbers are inflated by those held under false or duplicate names, in the names of dead people, or by real but ineligible people.

The Government of India is taking steps to prevent corruption, leakage and diversion of PDS rations. Seeding helps identify genuine and eligible beneficiaries and prevents duplicate and non-existent persons from registering. Internet, bank websites, telephone, or by providing a copy of the Aadhaar letter to a bank. Prior to Aadhaar, the issues plaguing and derailing social security programs in India were caused by corrupt officials and middlemen manipulating paper records and stand-alone databases of social security services. Due to lack of a unique identifier like Aadhaar, stand-alone databases cannot detect and eliminate duplicate or fraudulent beneficiaries. Attempts are then made to steal the social security benefits money, depriving genuine claimants. It eliminates middlemen and fraudulent, ineligible beneficiaries.

Aadhaar saves billions of rupees of public money annually and enables poor people access to social security benefits. 3 million duplicate LPG connections were detected by Aadhaar and were cancelled. 1 billion on reduced imports by mid-2013. Applicant eligibility is checked by comparing the service delivery database with other databases. For example, PDS kerosene eligibility is checked by comparing the PDS database with the LPG database.

The subsidy on kerosene allocation is reduced if the LPG subsidy is detected for that household. Ration card eligibility is cross-checked with other related, Aadhaar-linked databases. It results in direct benefit access for eligible people and annually saves billions of rupees from corruption. January 2014 showed Aadhaar DBT can save 1. With the help of e-Ration service, applicants can obtain ration cards and check their costs and food grain availability online.

This will help end the corrupt practice of holding back rations and ensure cards reach the needy. Aadhaar card holders can apply for e-ration cards. This service was first introduced in Delhi. Aadhaar Numbers of family members. When a beneficiary buys rations from a PDS shop, their eligibility is authenticated through an Aadhaar KYC handheld device.

The PDS computer system reads out the quantity eligibility and balance of each item in the local language. After purchase, the balance quantities for that month are read out. The buyer pays the open market rate to the PDS shop. A computer prints a receipt showing all items purchased, balance items, money paid and subsidy amount. The subsidy amount is credited to the beneficiary’s bank account under the DBT program. The system is flexible and provides access and options to the public that was not seen before in PDS. Similarly, subsidized LPG is linked with the Aadhaar Number and delivery is made at market rate.

The subsidy amount is credited as DBT to the eligible beneficiary. Leakage and diversions of subsidized commodities provide no benefit to middlemen and retail corruption comes to a halt. While submitting application for Ration Card in Andhra pradesh, Form D1 needs to be submitted to the nearest rationing office. FY14 subsidy at Rs 2. This page was last edited on 24 October 2017, at 12:37.

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