The papers of woodrow wilson pdf

She married Woodrow in December 1915, during his first term as The papers of woodrow wilson pdf. Edith Wilson began to screen all matters of state and decided which were important enough to bring to the bedridden president.

She was the first First Lady to assume presidential functions. After the Civil War, William Bolling settled on his father’s property in Wytheville, where most of his children were born. Edith was very proud of her Southern heritage. As was often the case with former slaveowners, the Bollings believed their former slaves were content with life on Rose Cottage Plantation and had little desire for freedom. After the Civil War William Bolling turned to the practice of law to support his family. The Bolling household was a large one. In addition to the 9 surviving children, Edith’s two grandmothers, several aunts, and some cousins also lived with the Bollings.

Most of these female relatives had lost their husbands during the war. Edith had little formal education, but that is not to say she was uneducated. While her sisters were enrolled in local schools, she was not. Her paternal grandmother, Anne Wiggington Bolling, played a large role in her education. Edith would exhibit her entire life. She returned home after a single semester. Powell’s School closed at the end of the year after the headmaster suffered an accident that cost him his leg.