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This article is about Holy Doors in the Roman Catholic tradition. It is cemented shut the door to december pdf only opened for Jubilee Years.

Rear of the Holy Door. Contained inside are several medals and canonical documents from the Pontificate during which the door was last opened. The doors are normally sealed by mortar and cement from the inside so that they cannot be opened. Catholics could gain the plenary indulgences granted during the Jubilee year without having to travel to Rome. Pope Boniface VIII began the tradition of the Holy Year, known as a Jubilee, in 1300 and the Catholic Church has celebrated them every 25 years or so ever since. A major part of the Holy Year for Catholics is a pilgrimage to Rome and the ritual passing over the threshold of the holy door to symbolise the passing into the presence of God.

At the same time, remission of the temporal punishment for the pilgrims’ sins is granted, known as an indulgence. Christian sinners who took sanctuary there. The privilege, however, was quickly abused and at some point was even commercialised resulting in popes consequently ordering the door to be sealed with a wall, only to be unsealed during Jubilee years. The wall was destroyed and the door opened once in a hundred years. This was later reduced to fifty years and now “opened at the will of the Pope.

One of which is always walled up except during the Jubilee year, when it is broken down at Christmas when the Jubilee commences. Out of devotion every one who gains the indulgence passes through that door, which is walled up again as soon as the Jubilee is ended. Between 1500 and 1974, the entrance portal was barricaded by a solid wall, not an actual door. The popes themselves began the ritual destruction of these walls followed by masons who completed the actual task demolishing it.

This describes a rite that has nearly always supplied the principal subject depicted upon the long series of Jubilee medals issued by the numerous Popes who have opened and closed the holy door at the beginning and end of each Jubilee year. Each of the four basilicas has its own holy door. The Holy Door at St. In John 10:9, Jesus is quoted as saying, “I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved.