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Searching for an Agreement Letter? Here are useful ideas that will help you to easily write an Agreement Letter. The agreement letter is drafted in our day to day life for many purposes including business, rent, job, contract work etc. Here are our useful tips and sample of agreement letter between two parties or companies.

You can also download the pdf or word document of our letter template. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below. This text is to confirm our mutual agreement to provide text books for graduation of almost all the publishers available in India to our book house on a monthly basis. There are 24 publishers we have mutually agreed for delivery in the languages like English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. It has been mutually agreed between us to keep the schedule in tact by monthly distribution of text books for graduate students in all subjects covering science, humanities, and arts.

The total amount would come up as the final amount of book supply per month. The supply of the text books should reach my office on or before 15th of each month either through parcel service or through direct supply. The advance payment is to ensure continuous supply of the text books and the failure of which will count as failure in the contract and it will be terminated there with. The term of contract if for 5 years from the month of January 2014 till January 2019.

And both parties if find not keeping the service conditions laid down in the contract not keeping and services not up to the mark is free to end the service with a one month’s notice. If you have any doubt regarding the provisions or anything in relation to this contract letter you are free to contact me. And all the decisions regarding any disputes arise may come under the jurisdiction of the Kollam court. If you agree with the terms and conditions laid out in the letter, let me request you to sign below as token of agreement and approval of the provisions and clauses included therewith. This letter would be addressed to any company to enter into an agreement with another company and accept the terms and condition laid down during the official meeting between both the companies. This agreement letter would indicate the type of work both the companies have agreed to perform. We are ready to take up your proposal of doing marketing work for your company.