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Many of the above listed conditions are very very rare. Location of appendicitis pain – The right lower abdomen or just above the waist line on the right side. How to tell if the cause of your right sided side by side plus book 2 pdf is appendicitis?

It then spreads or moves to the lower right abdomen within a day or two. It gradually builds up in severity, initially niggling, then becomes a boring to sharp pain. There may be a brief episode of passage of loose stools, especially in children. The main symptoms to watch out for to determine if it is appendicitis, is the combination of right sided lower abdominal pain, worse on pressing onto a spot about a hands breath from the right side of the umbilicus, with associated loss of appetite and feeling of nausea. There may be low level fever, or feeling hot and cold.

If you have any of the above symptoms, it is worth checking with your doctor to confirm if it is appendicitis that may be causing your right side abdominal pain. There may be associated nausea or actual vomiting. The pain tends to last for about 20 to 30 minutes,  few hours or a whole day or two and then resolves. Right kidney stone pain often comes on as a sudden onset right loin or side pain. During attacks, the sufferer may be rolling around, trying to seek a position of comfort. Depending on the size of the stone, it is often passed down without any after effect.

If the obstruction is not cleared in time, it could cause ballooning of the kidney and even an overwhelming kidney infection with potentially serious consequences. Constipation is not just the passing of hard stools, it is also the infrequent passing of stools. The average person opens his or her bowel three or more times per week. If you or child recently developed ongoing abdominal pain with reduced frequency of bowel motions or stools have recently become hard than normal, then constipation could be the cause of the abdominal pain. This is even more common with children than with adults.

Acute non-specific mesenteric lymphadenitis is as common as appendicitis as a cause of lower right side abdominal pain in children under the age of six . It is caused by swelling of the lymph glands or lymph nodes on the wall of the small bowel in children following a viral infection. The pain may then be localized to the right lower abdomen, around where the appendix is, thus causing a right side abdominal pain. There may be associated vomiting very early in the illness.

Fever is usually present but not always. The pain may be fleeting – moving around the abdomen. The child is usually able to play and eat when not in pain. Pain resolves on its own after a day or two. Also called non-specific mesenteric lymphadenitis, this condition is usually self-limiting and causes no further complications. Ovarian torsion or ovarian cyst rupture are two of the common ovarian problems causing lower abdominal pain in children as well as adult females. Pain from ovarian problem could occur in as young as a child under one year of age, up to 65 year old.

Older children, teenagers and younger women are more likely to have pain from ovarian problem. The symptoms of ovarian pain depends more on the type of issue involved. The pain is usually severe. It spreads to the lower back and upper thigh on the side it is happening. There is often associated nausea and in most cases vomiting at the height of the pain. There may be a low grade fever.

In very few cases, the patient may experience small vaginal bleeding or spotting. Rarely, this could lead to loss of the ovary. Sudden onset right lower abdominal pain, in most cases, following sexual intercourse or strenuous exercise . The pain would be so severe that most women would seek medical help immediately. The pain is sharp and can be localized to a spot. With time, there could be bleeding into the abdominal cavity, causing irritation of the diaphragm and shoulder tip pain. Dizziness would result from significant blood loss.

If this sounds like you, you would need to go to the hospital immediately. Ruptured ovarian cyst  could be life-threatening. Ectopic pregnancy refers to the implantation of a newly fertilized egg, anywhere outside the womb. If this happens on the right side, it could lead to right side abdominal pain.

Lower abdominal pain in a woman of childbearing age. She may or may not realize that she is pregnant or even have a delayed menstruation. There may be associated vaginal bleeding or none at all. In severe cases of large internal bleeding into the abdominal cavity, shoulder tip pain may arise. Ectopic pregnancy is commonly diagnosis with the 6th to 8 week of pregnancy and rarely after 10 weeks. Mittelschmerz, also called mid-cycle pain is pain associated with ovulation in many young women, especially within the first few years of starting their menses.

Occur in the middle of the menstrual cycle – for most women, this would be around two weeks after they had their “period” or last menses. Could be sharp in character and last a few hours or days. Is on the right lower abdomen, though less, often, could happen on the left too. There may be associated mild fever. In some teenagers, they would develop this pain about the same time every month or in alternate months. Naproxen if you do not have allergy to these medications is enough to control the pain.