Rocket mass stove pdf

Le combustible est exposé à une chaleur très intense. La chaleur augmente dans la cheminée interne isolée ce qui complète la combustion. Lorsque le rocket atteint sa chaleur normal de fonctionnement, il n’y a pas de fumée qui s’échappe de la cheminée. Rocket mass stove pdf’ai profité de l’expertise d’autres constructeurs de rocket stove sur internet pour proposer ce modèle que j’ai personnalisé à quelques points.

Very nice looking build there. Would you mind telling me what size tank you used for the build and some other basic dimensions? Any modifications you wish you would have made? I am planning on building one very similar to this soon. The tank is made from a 40 gal water heater tank. 5 by 38 inches steel tube.

It si welded to a 4X4 inches square tube. I used a piece of 4 inches diameter diesel truck muffler to connect the tank to the exhaust pipe. The feeding part in front is kept in place by the bracket i made It is very usefull if you want to use more than one kind of feeder but if not i would recommand to weld the feeder directly on the heat chamber. If i had to do it all over i would use thicker peice of metal to get as much mass as possible. And another thing As i’m not a pro welder, i would graind all the welds before taking pictures of it. Hoping to see some pics of your project very soon! Hi, I hope you are still fabricating?