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The entrance of the school – tower and flagpole. Commission on Secondary Schools since 1932. As of the 2014-15 school year, the school had an enrollment of 1,519 students and 126. PHS is notable for its high academic standards and strong arts programs that rival many of the nation’princeton university campus map pdf private schools.

Princeton High is located between Moore Street and Walnut Lane. The school contains over 250 classrooms, several equipped science labs, two gymnasiums, a performing arts center, a fitness center, a garden, athletic turf and tennis courts. 86 million project to renovate the district’s school buildings, also including a new mathematics wing and renovated library. The school’s principal is Gary R. Snyder, and its assistant principals are Jessica Baxter, Lori Rotz and Jared Warren. PHS was the second highest ranked publicly funded school, with a total of 31 students matriculating to those schools. Princeton High as the highest ranked open-admissions high school in New Jersey.

School is held Monday through Friday from 7:51 a. There are four minutes between each class period for the students to get to their next class. Students attend 35 minute class periods, and homeroom and break periods are not shortened. Short Wednesdays exist to permit the operation of the mandatory freshmen Peer Group program between 1:49 and 2:51. This period of time is also used for community service group meetings for sophomores, other extracurricular activities, and school-wide events such as pep rallies, the Fall Festival, and Spring Fling.

The school days are assigned letter labels, cycling from A through G. This is done to accommodate double periods for science classes, which are scheduled so there is a gym class during the preceding or following period. For example, if a student has lab on B and F days, he or she will not have gym, health or driver’s education on those cycle days and will instead have a double science period. D Days are often used on the first few days of school, the first day of each marking period, midterms and finals, or other drastic changes in schedule. In order to receive a diploma from Princeton High School, students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credits from grade 9 to grade 12. The exception is science classes that have one or two lab periods count for 5. Additionally, each student must have completed 50 hours of community service, usually completed during a students sophomore year.

11 – the class of 2015 is the last class to rely on this. Students must also pass the Biology State Assessment the year they are enrolled in a Biology course. PHS has a policy of revoking credit for a student’s course if a certain amount of absences in a class are reached. More than 18 absences from a year-long course or 9 absences for a semester course will lead to credit revocation. Tardiness counts as one-third of an absence for the purposes of revoking credit. Students can create their own clubs with prior approval. As of December 2014, contract negotiations have led to cancellation of uncompensated activities, including most clubs.

This issue was resolved the following school year. With 1,159 students in grades 10-12, the school was classified by the NJSIAA for the 2015-16 school year as Central Jersey, Group IV for most athletic competition purposes, which included schools with an enrollment of 1,082 to 2,349 students in that grade range. NJSIAA as Central Jersey Group IV for football for 2017-18. Princeton High fields interscholastic teams in baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, spring track and field, swimming, tennis, volleyball, winter track and wrestling. The team was the public school state champion in 1984. The team’s nine state championships are tied for 10th for all schools in the state. In 2009, the boys’ soccer team won the Group III state championship, capping off an undefeated season with a 2-1 win over Millburn High School in the final game of the state tournament.

The golf team won all five of its 2007 tournaments, including the Group III state championships, the Mercer County Tournament, Sectional Championships, the Bunker Hill Tournament, and the Cherry Valley Tournament. The team over had a record of 47-2 during the 2007 and 2008 seasons. The 2008 team repeated as Group III champion. They again beat Ocean Township High School in 2008 for the second year in a row, claiming their 6th consecutive NJSIAA Central – B sectional championship. The 2009 boys’ swimming team won the Central Jersey Group B Sectional title with a 99-71 win against Ocean Township High School. In 2012, the boys swimming team again won the Central Jersey Group B Sectional title. After that, Princeton once again faced-off against their rivals last year Scotch Plains-Fanwood.