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The Arthasastra by Chanakya is a 2500-year-old masterpiece on governance, economics and politics. Here panchatantra stories in sanskrit with hindi translation pdf the pdfs of the book in English, Hindi and Sanskrit. Hindi, English, Sanskrit English Hindi Sanskrit The Chanakya Niti, another book by Chanakya is available here. What If Satan Said It?

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It has been remarked by some Western scholars that Chanakya is a fabrication and that no such scholar actually existed. However, it is clear that Chanakya actually existed. His tribe or family name was Kutala, and he belonged to the clan of the famous Kutala rishi. Thus, he wa also called Kautilya. As for the name Chanakya, It is the peculiar custom in India even in modern days to venerate the father and the teacher to the end of their lives. One mode of veneration is not to utter the name of either the father or even the teacher. It may amount to an insult if not to an offence.

Kautilya was Chanakya because he was the son of his father Chanaka. He probably studied and taught in the Takshashila university, which was a prominent university at the time. A man like Kautilya who had profound respect for orthodox tradition could not go against it. In the light of the above observation we are led to think that scholars will do justice to a name and a personality, the type of which is indeed rare in the history at least of the ancient world.