Organic chemistry mechanisms cheat sheet pdf

Reaction pathway overview for alkene and alkyne reactions including radicals, alcohols, carbonyls, epoxides and grignards. Would you consider making a video that explains the color organic chemistry mechanisms cheat sheet pdf and overall use of the map.

I cover the reactions in individual videos Jen. I learn alot from your work, you keep it simple and clear. I like your website a lot. Do you have sheets on carboxylic acids, aldehydes etc? KET is what happens when an enol forms a ketone.

As for the cheat sheets I have one on carboxylic acids, nothing on aldehydes yet. THERE IS NO ALDEHYDES YET ? In reference to which reaction Chaima? You can’t afford to waste precious exam time calculating formal charge. The true key to successful mastery of alkene reactions lies in practice practice practice. Because every nucleophile is potentially a base, and vice versa. SH, to provide water and the deprotonated thiol.

Expect to hit a tree. Blessed are the OCD, for they produce the most beautiful and complete web resources. I’m working on a translation from Spanish to English about isoelectric points of amino acids. I’m not a chemist nor wannabe but need to understand this in layman’s terms. How to calculate an isoelectric pH, what an isoelectrico point is vs.

If you could respond asap I would appreciate it or just tell me where to look. K is the letter used in chemistry to denote the equilibrium constant. I’m sorry to say, is not my strength. Thank you for putting together this valuable resource. How can we tell amongst different compounds, for example in a ranking situation, which are the most acidic, basic and least acidic, basic?

This is a little confusing. Usually in a ranking situation there is one variable of interest. Knowing the 5 key factors that influence acidity can help. This inspired me to make study games for learning pka values.

Hi, can you help me, how to tell what direction of the reaction will be? Please for same general solution how to solve this. Does that mean water is very basic? I would like to print it out but it doesn’t fit on one sheet. What Makes A Good Nucleophile?