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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. United States nebraska road map pdf February 12, 2012. The episode received general acclaim from television critics, who praised the episode’s concluding scene alongside the character development and storylines.

Upon airing, it attained 8. 10 million viewers and a 4. The episode became the highest-rated basic cable television program of the day, as well as the most-viewed cable program of the week. Shane considers Rick as delusional as Hershel. Sophia, while burning the rest of the walkers. They hold a makeshift memorial service for Sophia, but Carol refuses to attend. Shane finds her and helps return her to the camp, apologizing to her that he had no idea Sophia was in the barn.

Hershel throws out his wife’s belongings and then disappears. Hershel’s family believes he may have started drinking again. Shane may kill someone else soon. Rick, but Daryl refuses, saying his days of searching for someone are over. Lori opts to go alone, but en route, her car hits a walker and is overturned.

In the town, Rick and Glenn find Hershel alone in a tavern, drinking and lamenting the loss of his family members. Rick refuses to disclose the farm’s location, and shoots them both before they fire back on him. The episode ends with the remaining group burning the rest of the walkers. Pretty Much Dead Already” aired, while the second aired in January 2012. A promotional image was released shortly thereafter, which featured Rick Grimes holding up a gun at Sophia. The first three minutes of “Nebraska” were leaked online. Although they were killed off in the episode, writer Robert Kirkman wanted to evoke a reaction that the characters would recur throughout the series.

With the casting of those two guys and everything involving that scene we were really trying to convince the audience that they were going to be new regulars, so the end would be that much more shocking. Kirkman felt that Tony and Dave represent new threats and anxieties for the group. I think this was a particularly good episode coming back because the two guys in the bar represent new threats and they are really just the tip of the iceberg,” he stated. It’s really good to come back and be off of the farm and see that there are more dangerous things out there than the zombies. Things just keep getting worse from here.