Major problems in the history of the vietnam war pdf

Southeast Asia, a vocal anti-war movement major problems in the history of the vietnam war pdf in response to Australia’s programme of conscription. A phased withdrawal followed, and by 11 January 1973 Australian involvement in hostilities in Vietnam had ceased. 521 were killed and more than 3,000 were wounded.

Southeast Asia after the Second World War, and the fear of its spread which developed in Australia during the 1950s and early 1960s. 1954 split the country geographically, with the DRV to the north of the 17th parallel and the SoV in the south. The Geneva Accords imposed a deadline of July 1956 for the governments of the two Vietnams to hold elections, with a view to uniting the country under one government. President of the newly proclaimed Republic of Vietnam. He then refused to take part in the elections, claiming that the communist north would engage in election fraud and that as a result they would win because they had more people. After this deadline passed, the military commanders in the North began preparing an invasion of the South.

Diem was particularly feted by the Catholic community, as he pursued policies that discriminated in favour of the Catholic minority in his country and gave special powers to the Catholic Church. By 1962 the situation in South Vietnam had become bad enough that Diem submitted a request for assistance to the United States and its allies in order to counter the growing insurgency and the threat that it posed to South Vietnam’s security. Following this the US began to send advisors to provide tactical and logistical advice to the South Vietnamese. Pacts, and in the hope of shoring up its alliance with the US, became involved in the Vietnam War.