Maithili panchang 2016 17 pdf

Vrischika Maithili panchang 2016 17 pdf 2017-2018 Predictions, Scorpio Moon Sign 2017-2018 Vedic Astrology Predictions. Vrischika Rasi rasipalan, Vruschika Rashi Rashifal 2017-2018. 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology. Those who born between October 24 and November 22 are the natives of Scorpio Zodiac sign as per the date of birth.

Hemalamba Nama Samvatsaram begins on Ugadi, 28 March, 2017 and ends on 17 March 2018. In Sauramana calendars of Tamil Nadu, Tulu Nadu of Karnataka, and some other calendars, Hevilambi Nama Samvatsaram begins on April 14 and ends on April 13, 2018. Guru will be in 11th house until September 2017. Shani will be in 1st house till it moves into 2nd house on 26 January 2017. Rahu will be in 10th house till mid 2017 and then moves into 9th house.

Ketu will be in 4th house till he moves into 3rd house in the mid of 2017. 2nd house at the beginning of the year. As per the standard Panchangam 2017-2018, Ugadi 2017-2018 Panchanga sravanam details are given here. People who are in jobs may get promotion.

You will get benefit In case of relocation as well. Possibilities of Cooperation and respect from senior colleagues are there. This year’s education horoscope predicts that it won’t be a too good year for those applying for higher studies. These people are advised to take guidance from experts in their fields to crack any entrance examinations in the year ahead. In financial terms, this year you don’t need to worry about money.

You will get benefits in work and trade. This is the best time to start any new project because luck is with you. If your work or business was either shut or did not take off recently, then its time to re- launch it. Surely you will be flourished. If you are thinking to invest money in fixed assets then wait till July 2017. Thereafter, it is good time for investment.

Investment of money may incur loss in the beginning of the year. Even if you purchase a property then it will not get sold easily. Vrischika Rashi 2017 Family horoscope predicts that everything will be back to normal after few months of tension over the ill health condition of a family member. There is a possibility for a celebration in the family in 2017-18 year. Vrischika Rashi 2017 health horoscope indicates that the natives may suffer from some stomach related issues like infections, indigestion, etc. They are advised to eat homemade food to avoid stomach infections in the coming year.

Proper diet and exercise is needed for the natives of Scorpio. Take time to cultivate relationships by mixing with co-workers in this period. Relationships give you a few challenges this month. Do not let anxiety spoil your profession. Finance and Love will be enjoyable.

Some portions of your circle are not comfortable with your success. They may spread some rumors and try to defame you. Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja is advisable. Sankashti Chaturthi Vrata is most vital vrata for you take up.

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I have lost my job tell me when will I earn enough to live decently. Vrishik pad 4, Vishakha nakshatra. My relationship with spouce are not good. I started to pray god and visit temples often . My total careers spoiled by rumours .

When will I get job? Will my relationship with my bf lead to marriage in future? My son apply for good job . 1989 vrashika Rashi Anuradha nakshathra . UK but ia am facing visa problem. Is it good time to start a business? I was born on 11th Mar 69 at 8.