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Tested and effective natural remedies for constipation and related conditions like hemorrhoids and fissures from colon and bowel syndrome expert Jini Patel Thompson. A complete tried and true natural treatment for both short-term relief and long-term healing of constipation and related conditions like hemorrhoids and fissures. Author Jini Patel Thompson guides you in determining the most effective constipation remedies for your type of constipation. Whether you suffer from Peristaltic Constipation listen to your gut jini patel thompson pdf Stenosis Constipation, Jini Patel Thompson shows you various positions you can use to facilitate a bowel movement, along with Colonic Massage.

Colon and bowel syndrome expert Jini Patel Thompson shares her innovative and effective natural remedies for constipation, and for the troublesome conditions that often accompany constipation, such as hemorrhoids, rectal or anal stricture, or rectal and anal fissures. Jini’s emphasis is on natural, holistic healing to address the root cause of a symptom, rather than merely suppressing it. Or that, if medication is contributing to your constipation problem, fiber supplements may actually make the problem worse rather than helping? Did you know there are actually two different types of constipation – peristaltic and stenosis – and that the best constipation treatment for you depends upon which type of constipation you have? Wild oregano oil to clear parasites, yeast, fungus, etc. If you’ve been suffering from daily discomfort due to constipation, it’s understandable that you’re in a hurry to have it go away – and the sooner, the better!

Not only will you get quick relief, but you can also heal the long-term, underlying causes of your constipation. Jini also shows parents how to adapt her natural healing remedies and treatments for children with constipation. Body Healing with international bestselling author, Dr. And also learn what you can do to access this mechanism and get it functioning normally. You will receive both the mp3 audio recording and the written pdf transcript of this amazing call. Getting your gut flora healthy is a major component of the long-term healing of constipation.

Without a healthy bacterial flora throughout your gastrointestinal tract, you cannot digest your food properly, absorb nutrients, nor excrete properly. If you’ve ever been on antibiotics, had food poisoning or traveller’s diarrhea, or taken a medication that causes constipation, this is information that will transform your health. Again, you will receive both the mp3 audio and the written pdf transcript of this interview. The first chapter of Listen to Your Colon teaches you how to use herbal supplements as part of a holistic healing journey, addressing the root cause of a symptom rather than suppressing it. This chapter also offers valuable information on what to do if you’re not seeing the desired results. This chapter introduces several effective constipation treatments, including wild oregano oil, colonic massage, enemas, probiotics, and natural substances like psyllium, magnesium and potassium.

Jini also explains how to treat hemorrhoids, strictures and fissures, and how to adapt all of these protocols to treat children. Spastic colon is when your colon suffers from random attacks of diarrhea, constipation and spasming. These treatments include colonic massage, stress reduction, and supplements like probiotics, psyllium seed, bentonite clay, and peppermint oil. Jini explains the effect diet can have on your colon. She identifies which foods are known to cause or worsen constipation, which foods can alleviate it, and the two best dietary changes you can make to relieve constipation. She describes the importance and use of a food diary to discover how to customize your diet to your body’s tolerances. The chapter closes with an ongoing maintenance diet to ensure good bowel health for the entire family.

You then not only have to deal with the symptom, but also with the damage done to your body by the drug, and with detoxifying from the drug. Learn about the drugs most commonly prescribed to treat chronic constipation, and their possible side effects. Jini coaches you in how to look beyond the symptom or symptoms to learn what message your body is trying to send you. Listen to Your Colon concludes with a Quick-Action Treatment to help provide you immediate relief from your constipation.

Jini also discusses the pros and cons of several other commonly used natural laxatives, including chlorophyll, dandelion leaves, and senna. In closing, Jini provides her readers with a number of resources for further help and information. I did the recommended treatment for the constipation as given in Listen To Your Colon and I have been going everyday since. I am very happy with the recommendations from the book and plan to do another probiotic retention enema when I get the rectum healed.