Line 6 pod x3 live manual pdf

Gluing becomes more and more important asa joining technology for automotive body panelsbecause of the benefit it provides. Thanks to this technology, the operator is not only able to evaluate the overall width of his bond seam, line 6 pod x3 live manual pdf can also identifyareas with lack of adhesive. Schematic of a typical bond seam in a flange. A plate A is flanged around a plate B.

The spacing in between is sealed with an adhesive for structural strength and to prevent corrosion. Now You Have an App for Corrosion What if corrosion inspection was as easy as using an app on your smartphone? What if you could customize the user interface of your UT instrument for different inspection jobs? Improve Inspection Productivity Mentor UT is more than just cutting-edge software.

32 array flaw detector with a conventional channel, allowing you to instantly switch between PA and conventional inspection. Utility Packed with FeaturesGE’s video borescopes provide one of the best equipment values in the industry. Since 1804 when the first steam locomotive railway was built, rail travel has experienced continuous and accelerating growth with ever increasing demands for safety. A-scan recording of all transducers to hard drive possible. Series offerscomprehensive, handheld solutions to thicknessmeasurement, data recordingand data management in awide range of applications andenvironments. 60LPortable Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorsGE Inspection Technologies has optimized its USN 60 series for use in direct sunlight and operation at extremetemperatures. Color Leg allows easy identification of leg and skipdistances for weld inspection.

The versatile instrument is offered in threeversions to meet the most standard inspectioncodes. Participate in live inspections anywherein the world through real-time video andadvanced collaboration tools. Set up on VME bus basis, theelectronics is designed as 19″ plug-inmodule. Its robust,rubberised housing is sealed to anIP 54 rating, to resist dust and humidity. Industry leading application tooling for high throughput pulse echo and through transmission scanning. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Mentor Visual iQ?

Visual iQPut the power of productivityin your hands. GE with 3D Phase Measurement. Today’s aerospace, power generation, and oiland gas industries depend on precise criticalinspections to keep aircraft flying, power plantsonline, refineries running and wells producing. When expert advice or a second opinion is needed duringan inspection, you need to collaborate instantly. Ondemand 3D Phase Measurement helps youmake better asset decisions.

When expert advice ora second opinion is called for during aninspection, you need answers fast. That’swhy Mentor Visual iQ is built for realtime collaboration. Gasto Aerospace, and from Power Generation to General NDT. This allows the imaging plates to be magnetically transportedthrough the scanner with no phosphor touch points. 1 717 242 0327China5F, Building 1, No. The field proven and reliable GE ultrasonic electronicsprocesses all signals and carries out a separate evaluationaccording to flaw type and position. The latest generation pipeline girth weld inspection system from GE Inspection Technologies is anautomated ultrasonic testing solution that provides all functionality required for the job, from set-up to dataarchiving.

It must also be guaranteed thatthe tube is perfectly round. Thedemand for short untested tube endsis decisive here. X-ray digital imagesMDI for engines improves reporting and data sharing. Inspection Technologies partners with you to meet your nondestructive testing needs. A new kind of inspectiontechnology—Mentor EMwith Mentor Create. Put expertise right in your hands.