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Some stenographers can reach 300 words per minute. The Web site of the California Official Court Reporters Association gives the official record for American English as keyboard scale chart pdf wpm. File:Demonstratie met een stenotypemachine Weeknummer 28-28 – Open Beelden – 22262.

Because the keyboard does not contain all the letters of the English alphabet, letter combinations are substituted for the missing letters. 1880 in the Italian Senate. 1913, and the word “stenotype” was applied to his machine and its descendants sometime thereafter. Most contain microprocessors, and many allow sensitivity adjustments for each individual key.

They translate stenotype to English internally using user-specific dictionaries, and most have small display screens. A stenotype machine keyboard layout. Stenotype keys normally are made of a hard, high-luster acrylic material with no markings. American stenotype machine is shown at the right. These fingers are used to generate initial consonants. The thumbs produce the vowels.

K, the vowel A, and the final T. To enter a number, a user presses the number bar at the top of the keyboard at the same time as the other keys, much like the Shift key on a QWERTY-based keyboard. The illustration shows which lettered keys correspond to which digits. Numbers can be chorded just like letters can. They read from left to right across the keyboard.

It’s possible to write 137 in one stroke by pressing the number bar along with SP-P, but it takes three separate strokes to write 731. Many court reporters and stenocaptioners write out numbers phonetically instead of using the number bar. A scopist is a person who is trained in the phonetic writing system, English punctuation, and usually in legal formatting. Both scopists and proofreaders work closely with the court reporter to ensure an accurate transcript. The widespread use of realtime translation of the strokes has increased the demand for scopists to work simultaneously with the court reporter. However, it may still be helpful in some situations while scoping, as misstroked words may not translate and would appear in steno.