Just basic programming tutorial pdf

Extensive set of free Android just basic programming tutorial pdf tutorials, with complete source code available for download. From popular author and developer Marty Hall. Interested in training from the author of these tutorials?

Following is a series of tutorials on Android programming. Click on a section below to expand its content. You can use graphics and UI controls that are not available in browsers. You can customize the apps for small screen sizes.

This section gives a high-level introduction to developing for the Android platform. Exercises to reinforce the concepts in this section. This section gets you started with the bare-bones basics of Android programming. Import and test an existing app.

Create and test a new app. Uses a separate Listener class. Uses a named inner class. Again uses a named inner class, before refactoring to version below. Uses an anonymous inner class. Uses a method in the Activity class, and the Activity implements View. This is the first of the sections that give examples of basic Widgets.

The same project is used in several other of the Widget lectures, but has a separate Activity for each lecture. This section covers the core Android Layout types and the design strategy of nesting one Layout inside another. This section discusses the official Android code-style conventions. In this part, we invoke the new Activity by using the specific class name.