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Infused oils and waters are popular right now, with so many books and websites dedicated to this new delicious trend. And they couldn’t be easier to make and teach. In this second in a series of posts about crafting at the library, I will detail how to make Bleach Shirts. This is one of the easiest crafts you can do in the library. You will need a sink, so as long as you have a water source, you, too, can teach this class. It doesn’t take long, about an hour is all you need.

The NLC is hoping this will promote reading and library use. This initiative was launched in 2017, with the NLC working in tandem with the subway operator Beijing MTR. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, some libraries are proactively raising their minimum wage. In library-land we’re aware that the MLS is the key to professional achievements. It is rare that anyone can attain leadership positions within libraries if they don’t carry this key designation. Over the past few years however, a combination of student loan debt, low salaries, and the actual job requirements of these positions make pursuing an MLS a little less desirable. Is there a future for the profession if we begin to accept a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science as sufficient training?

Or perhaps rather than an MLS, we begin to require a Master’s of Public Administration for those pursuing a Public Library leadership position. Is our commitment to the MLS an example of an industry struggling to adapt to change? Formed in January 2017, Libraries Work is a national networking group among state library agencies. An elderly woman comes to the desk and asks for books about diabetes.

I politely look the subject up in our catalog and let her know the section in which she can find the many books we have on the topic. A while later, I see the same woman, leaving the library empty-handed. As I rush over to her I’m thinking. Where did I go wrong? Stone, the first novel in the series. Fines are a tangible reminder of the patron’s responsibility, the library’s importance, and the consideration of others.

The tradition is perfect for those who do not practice a mainstream holiday and can be used for library outreach services. Communicating our value is required to abolish these stereotypical ideas about the end of libraries. February issue of PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Remember When This Was Full-Time? We are always seeking new contributors to add their voices to the site. We invite you to become a part of PL’s dynamic, high-profile team.