How to ruin my teenage life pdf

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Jessie Hill and Tom Bellow, a young couple who decide, on a dare, to get married right out of high school. Angela Asher as Jessie’s parents Phil Hill and Tara Mercer. Jessie’s parents are free-spirited and do not believe in societal constructs of marriage or organized religion. They have a refugee from Iraq living in their basement. Tom’s father is a judge who converted to Judaism when he married and his mother is a homemaker.

Jessie and Tom eventually settle into the attic suite of Tom’s parents’ house as their first marital home and try to balance college, work, and the trials of being young newlyweds. ABC later dropped out of the production. 2008 and the rest of the first season was filmed in the summer of 2009. July 15, 2010 that it would pick up the show.