How to cut a pdf in half

Let’s try your email address again! When it comes to how to cut a pdf in half goods, branding is everything.

Golden Arches promise a reliably consistent fast-service dining experience. But because these logos are so ubiquitous, appearing on everything from cups to boxes, they can use up a tremendous amount of ink, which can have an adverse impact on the environment. Tim Nudd, a solution is out there. Paris-based design project, can transform iconic company logos into ink-saving illustrations.

Better yet, it’s also more economically appealing for companies that print coffee cups or other materials in the millions. Ecobranding is hoping these trial designs will catch the attention of brands looking to conserve resources: Taking a bigger bite out of Apple’s apple could be a win for everyone. When an architect gets commissioned to build a skyscraper or a memorial, they’re usually not the only applicant for the job. Other teams of designers submit their own ideas for how it should look, too, but these are eventually passed over in favor of the final design. Click through the interactive graphic below to explore rejected designs for all five landmarks. In an alternate reality, the Arc de Triomphe would have been a three-story-tall elephant statue. At the turn of the 20th century, San Francisco was a diverse place.