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This article is about the place in India. Kurla, whose name in turn originated from “Kurli”, the local name for crab, as hadees in hindi pdf were found in plenty in marshes in the vicinity of the village. Bombay and Thane, the first railway line in British India when it opened in 1853. Hormasji Bamanji Wadia in exchange for a piece of land near the Apollo pier gate in Bombay.

Ardeshir Hormasji Wadia, after whom the A. 92,094 spindles and 1280 looms. The other was the Kurla Spinning and Weaving Mill. Kurla village had a population of 9,715 at that time. Kurla, built during the Portuguese rule and rebuilt in 1848, is one of the oldest churches in Mumbai. The Mithibai Hormasji Wadia Dispensary was built by Mr. 81, had an attendance of 7367 out-patients.