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Bad Request – Freeware Files. So, now that is eventually possible, we have other issues free pdf repair software handle related the video codecs. It may so happen that you have videos in .

It may freeze while playing, break or may not run at all. There can be various reasons behind the failure of the video which can be resolved with only video repair tools that help mend any corrupt video easily. You know you are safe when there is an alternative available to the video such as, buying the movie from the shop, however, if it’s something that you have recorded personally and is corrupted now, it can get tough. Hence, you require a video repair software to take care of your corrupted files that can fix them for a hassle free viewing experience. Today, we have a list of free video repair software that can help fix the corrupted video in no time. While some of these softwares work for only certain codecs, some work for all. These freewares fix different formats like, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4 and many other frequently used codecs.

So, check the list and make your choice based on the format of your corrupted file. Very few of us may know that VLC Media Player which is one of the leading applications to play video and audio files, also helps repair damaged video files in MP4, MOV, AVI and QTRM formats. So, for all those who did not know this amazing feature of VLC Media Player, we will tell you how to go about it. Now save your preferences and play the video error free. Now save your preferences and play the video. If its corrupt VLC will fix it.

However, your video is severely damaged and cannot be fixed even by the VLC Media Player, you can then seek help from any other video repair software that are listed below. 2K or from any other internet sources. Using the preview feature you can also ensure that the video file name is the same as the actual video. Finally, after using this quick and lightweight software you can save the resultant video file either into the same location as the original file or to a different folder.

Available to download for free, Digital Video Repair is another video repair software helps overhaul your corrupt AVI video files which are encoded with MPEG4, DivX, Angel Potions, Xvid and 3ivx. This software helps fix AVI files that experience rough playback, visual disturbances, or any disruptions in the audio or video quality, and thereby re-encodes corrupted segments to ensure a smooth viewing experience while retaining the original detailing of the AVI file. It helps identify the damaged files, fixes the AVI file index and files over 2GB size, repairs AVI files that broke down while recording, identifies the key-frames of different codecs viz. MPEG4, DivX, Angel Potions, Xvid and 3ivx and reconstructs the files without the MOVI-chunk. The application supports OpenDML AVI and Standard AVI file compositions. Also, supports multiple languages through the system menu like English, German and Russian.

Post the repair, you can select the destination folder where you want to save the video. Designed only for Windows operating system, MP4 Video Recovery Tool helps repair only MP4 files. It fixes video files that either cannot be played or displays an error when you try to open it. The application requires a Java Runtime Environment to function. Basically, MP4 Video Recovery Tool follows the original video as reference, gets the data and then reconstructs the damaged video. Don’t you feel frustrated when your DivX file just refuses to play due to damaged video file?

DivXRepair helps you to fix damaged AVI format video files in your device effortlessly. While it repairs the broken video, it also repairs other concerns like freezing of images, pixel discoloration, and loss of audio. You simply add the damaged files to the list that you want to repair and the software will automatically trace and delete the corrupted frames. You will have to be patient as the search procedure does take some time. Even though it may not detect all the bad frames at all times, but when it does, it efficiently repairs the damaged section for you to have smooth viewing experience.