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6 million at the North American box office, making it the fifth highest-grossing film of that year. Loretta returns home and informs her parents of the engagement. The next day, Loretta goes to fiddler on the roof script pdf Ronny at his bakery. Ronny became distracted while talking to Johnny as he cut bread for him, his hand was mangled in the slicer, and his fiancée left him.

Loretta insists that they discuss the matter upstairs in his apartment, where she cooks for him and then tells him that she believes he is a “wolf” who cut off his own hand to escape the trap of a bad relationship. Rose and Cosmo for dinner, and they all wonder where Loretta is. Raymond recalls that when he was a boy and Cosmo was courting Rose, he thought that a particularly bright moon one night was somehow brought to the house by Cosmo because of his love for Rose. Raymond sees it as well, and it leads him and Rita to make love.

The next morning, Loretta tells Ronny they can never see each other again. She then goes to church and confesses her infidelity. Loretta then goes to Raymond and Rita’s store to close out the cash register, after which she impulsively goes to the hair salon and buys a glamorous evening gown. But as they leave, Loretta sees Cosmo and Mona, and she confronts her father. He sees that she is with Ronny, and he suggests that they simply agree that they didn’t see each other at all, but Loretta is conflicted.

Loretta then intends to return home alone, but Ronny leads her back to his apartment where he passionately and desperately persuades her into another tryst. Rose invites Perry to dine with her, asks him why men pursue women, and then shares with him her belief that men pursue women because they fear death. Because I know who I am. Rose explains that she’s not there and then asks him why men chase women.

He tells her it may be because they fear death, with which Rose agrees. After this exchange he leaves, planning to return in the morning to see Loretta. In the morning, Loretta returns home in a reverie but is then distressed to learn from Rose that Johnny will be there soon. Cosmo and his father emerge from upstairs, and the older man cajoles Cosmo into agreeing to pay for Loretta’s wedding.

Rose, also agrees to go to confession, and they then affirm their love for each other. When Johnny finally arrives, he breaks off the engagement, superstitiously believing that their marriage would cause his mother’s death. Loretta, momentarily offended by his breaking the engagement, chastises Johnny for breaking his promise and throws the engagement ring at him. To Rose’s chagrin, Loretta declares that she loves Ronny.

The family toasts the couple with champagne and a befuddled Johnny joins in at the grandfather’s urging, as he will now be part of the family after all. John Patrick Shanley’s witty, shapely script puts an octet of New Yorkers under a lunar-tuney spell one romantic night. Cher shines brightest of all. Reviews of the movie tend to make it sound like a madcap ethnic comedy, and that it is. But there is something more here, a certain bittersweet yearning that comes across as ineffably romantic, and a certain magical quality. It appeared on both critics’ Top 10 lists for 1987.