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The effect of the Big Bang led to significant changes to the structure of the financial markets in London. In the UK, Big Bang became one of the cornerstones of the Thatcher government’s reform day bang pdf free download. The changes were implemented by the Financial Services Act 1986.

The effects of Big Bang were dramatic, with London’s place as a financial capital decisively strengthened, to the point where it is arguably the world’s most important financial centre. He said that UK investment banks were previously very cautious, as they operated with their own money, but after merging with major retail banks, the depositors’ savings were put at risk, and according to the programme this led US banks to follow suit. Labour Government of 1997 had also contributed by failing to understand how interdependent the banks were. We know in retrospect what we missed. So we created a monitoring system which was looking at individual institutions. That was the big mistake. We didn’t understand how risk was spread across the system, we didn’t understand the entanglements of different institutions with the other and we didn’t understand even though we talked about it just how global things were, including a shadow banking system as well as a banking system.