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Fields of Force, Electromagnetism, A Capacitance and Inductance. Measurement Techniques, The Fluxgate Magnetometer and The THEMIS Magnetometer. Weiss’s Theory of Ferromagnetism, Laws of Thermo e. Oscillatory Circuits and Measurement of High Resistance by Leakage.

Waves, Speed of EM Waves in Matter, Colour-Wavelength Chart. Hertzian dipoles, Antenna arrays and Electromagnetic scattering. Sri Lanka’s first public electricity supply was made available in Colombo in 1895 by Messrs Boustead Bros. The business was soon taken over by the United Planters Co. Who extended it and in 1899 built the Colombo electric tramways.

In 1902, the Colombo Electric Tramways and Lighting Co. 1st of November 1969 under the Act of Parliament No. It was only in 1923, that the British colonial government undertake the development of hydro power in Ceylon, the Laxapana Hydro Power Scheme, the construction of which started in 1924 was thus resumed in 1938 and done to the finish. However, it was commissioned as the first hydro power plant of Sri Lankan history in December 1950.