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This article is about the scientific concept. An object on the Moon would weigh less than it does on Earth because of the lower gravity, but classical mechanics leonard susskind pdf would still have the same mass. There are several distinct phenomena which can be used to measure mass.

The mass of an object determines its acceleration in the presence of an applied force. The inertia and the inertial mass describe the same properties of physical bodies at the qualitative and quantitative level respectively, by other words, the mass quantitatively describes the inertia. This is sometimes referred to as gravitational mass. However, the mass of the international prototype and its identical national copies have been found to be drifting over time. The atomic mass unit is convenient for expressing the masses of atoms and molecules.

SI units are usually used instead. The relation between properties of mass and their associated physical constants. Every massive object is believed to exhibit all five properties. However, due to extremely large or extremely small constants, it is generally impossible to verify more than two or three properties for any object. Newtonian gravitational forces on other bodies. Newtonian response of mass to forces. It is determined by applying a force to an object and measuring the acceleration that results from that force.

An object with small inertial mass will accelerate more than an object with large inertial mass when acted upon by the same force. The gravitational field near the Moon is weaker because the Moon has less active gravitational mass. Passive gravitational mass is determined by dividing an object’s weight by its free-fall acceleration. Pair production and nuclear fusion are processes in which measurable amounts of mass are converted to energy, or vice versa. In the gravitational bending of light, photons of pure energy are shown to exhibit a behavior similar to passive gravitational mass. For this reason, curvature was not discovered until after it was predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In relativistic quantum mechanics, mass is one of the irreducible representation labels of the PoincarĂ© group.