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Sabbath days based on Leviticus 23. Garner Charles stanley sermon notes pdf’s genealogy is described in his father’s autobiography.

The elder Armstrong reported that the Armstrong ancestors arrived in America in the late 17th century with William Penn. He was the youngest of four children. 1841 and died in Iowa in 1923, seven years before he was born. Prior to his removal, he was executive vice president of the church and president of the college, and was widely considered to be heir-apparent to succeed his father as head of the church and its operations. Garner Ted as providing “late night companionship to thousands of truckers, the voice of the morning to millions of farmers, the living room preacher to a subculture of lonely, frightened, disoriented Americans.

He was at ease before cameras and microphones. In radio and TV programs he mixed political, economic, and social news of the day with religious commentary. On a radio commercial that aired in the Raleigh, NC area in the mid 1980s, he was among several celebrities said to have been seen at a popular restaurant in the area. I lost a real close friend in Garner Ted Armstrong. He was like a professor to me. What education I have, I owe to him. Garner Ted doing the World Tomorrow program.

The Credibility Gap Floats, 1979. US and some other parts of the world where his program was broadcast. WCG’s annual convention one year. Garner Ted Armstrong was ordained to the ministry by his father in 1955.