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Role of NGO, Pressure Grp. Now that UPSC reformed the General studies syllabus for mains, they’re making even higher claims about Public Administration vs GS synergy, with specific emphasis on the newly introduced ethics paper, as if all the 1000 vacancies are reserved for Public Administration candidates only. Anyways, they have to paint rosy good picture, because some of them have families to feed and some of them just want to mint truckload of cash beyond what is necessary to maintain an upper-middleclass life style. Same goes geography, sociology, political science, anthropology etc. Public Administration used to be the perfect wife so UPSC decided to play Lalita Pawar in CSE 2012- in terms of unpredictable questions, merciless evaluation and scaling. Many sincere candidates ended up with ridiculously low two-digit scores.

Besides, despite what happened in CSE-2012, there are toppers in the final list, with Public Administration optional and same will happen in CSE-2013 as well. My point being: One should be careful about optionals just like in marriage and divorce. Decisions should not be made in haste during the heat of anger or passion or at the insistence of a third party. X subject is good because 50 people were selected from there, and Y subject is bad because only 20 people were selected: please don’t use that criteria for subject selection. All you need and all you can occupy is just one seat in the final merit list. UPSC is not about statistics of masses, it’s about an individual’s determination, perseverance, hard work and of course, good luck.

UPSC’s treatment to Public Administration could be seen as an attempt to reduce the monopoly held by Public Administration, geography etc. UPSC Chairman: where were you sleeping all these years when technical subjects were given step motherly treatment and coaching classes flourished like an algal bloom? How about retrospective justice, compensation or at least an apology to those retired players from odd-technical subjects who suffered at the hands of UPSC’s scaling in the previous years! Majority of these PDF files provides direct copying of text. Reason for using 7zip, because it provides extreme level of compression. MA Public Policy set is almost 70MB but 7zip compressed it down to just 9MB.