Business transformation framework pdf

Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. For this reason, the search business transformation framework pdf business-IT alignment is closely associated with attempts to improve the business value of IT investments.

Business-IT alignment integrates the information technology to the strategy, mission, and goals of the organization. The organization must view information technology as an instrument to transform the business. This includes exploring other revenue streams and integrating other facets of their business into each other. An organization must hold customer service, both externally and internally, at the utmost importance. Communication between the organization and their customers must not be lost.

An organization must rotate both IT and business professionals across different departments and job functions. They must have the knowledge and experience of both sides of the business so that understanding and communication is achieved. This will create the integration of both entities to achieve a common goal. Ensure that IT and business employees understand how the company makes or loses money. This is important so that money is not carelessly poured into the IT department and there is no return on that investment. There must not only be informational unity, but a company as whole. It is not unusual for business and IT professionals within an organization to experience conflict and in-fighting as lack of mutual understanding and the failure to produce desired results leads to blaming and mistrust.

I alignment, organizations must make better decisions that take into account both business and IT disciplines. IT governance is the responsibility of the board of directors and executive management. IT projects are funded and which are not. Ultimately, value must come not just from the IT tools that are selected, but also in the way that they are used in the organization. I alignment also includes business transformation, in which organizations redesign how work is accomplished in order to realize efficiencies made possible by new IT. The concept of value creation through technology is heavily dependent upon the alignment of technology and business strategies.