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During his two decades in power, he was accused of plundering billions of dollars from the poorest Arab nation. Saleh has been described as having been a dictator. Long considered a moderate president, he oversaw his country’s development of deeper ties with Western powers, especially the United States, in its fight against terrorism. His mother later remarried to ali tantawi books pdf deceased former husband’s brother, Muhammad Saleh, who soon became Saleh’s mentor and stepfather.

Al Ahmar family of Sanhan is often confused with the same-named leading family of the Hashid tribe, with which the Sanhan clan was ally. The clans Sanhan and Khawlan are said to be related. Armed Forces in 1958 as an infantry soldier, and was admitted to the North Yemen Military Academy in 1960. 1976 and was given command of a mechanised brigade. After al-Ghashmi was assassinated on 24 June 1978, Colonel Saleh was appointed to be a member of the four-man provisional presidency council and deputy to the general staff commander.

Saleh as being neither from a “sheikhly family” nor a “large or important tribe”, but instead rising to power through “his own means”, and creating a patronage system with his family at the top. His seven brothers were placed “in key positions”, and later he relied on “sons, daughters, sons-in-law and nephews”. Saleh as reaching an understanding with powerful feudal “big sheikhs” to become “part of a Mafia-style spoils system that substituted for governance”. Worth accused Saleh of exceeding the aggrandisement of other Middle Eastern strongmen by managing to “rake off tens of billions of dollars in public funds for himself and his family” despite the extreme poverty of his country. On 10 August 1978, Saleh ordered the execution of 30 officers who were charged with being part of a conspiracy against his rule.

Vice President and a member of the Presidential Council. Yemeni workers were deported from Kuwait by the restored government. Passports were eventually issued to them, which facilitated their unrestricted travel. Saleh’s General People’s Congress won 122 of 301 seats. Najeeb ran as an independent.