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PATA was simply known a pdf 5.1 6 serial key ATA. The IBM AT’s controller interface became a de facto industry interface for the inclusion of hard disks. ATA specifications simply use the name “AT Attachment”, to avoid possible trademark issues with IBM. 16-bit wide data bus with many additional support and control signals, all operating at much lower frequency.

The remainder of this article strives to use the SATA-IO terminology and specifications. After insertion, both the Device and Host initialize and then operate normally. The powered Host or Device is not necessarily in a quiescent state. Unlike PATA, both SATA and eSATA support hotplugging by design. SATA’s advanced features before AHCI became popular.

SATA revisions are often designated with a dash followed by roman numerals, e. First-generation SATA interfaces, now known as SATA 1. The theoretical burst throughput of SATA 1. 133, but newer SATA devices offer enhancements such as NCQ, which improve performance in a multitasking environment. During the initial period after SATA 1. PATA designs for use with the SATA interface. Bridged drives have a SATA connector, may include either or both kinds of power connectors, and, in general, perform identically to their native-SATA equivalents.