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WWW VL – Virtual Library – History Index – American Documents for the Study of History: AMDOCS. 1362, Viking Expedition into the Midwest. 1544, Luys Hernández de Biedma. Audio mp3 reading by Vine Deloria, Jr. 1622 August 10, A Grant of the Province of Maine to Sir Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason, esq. 1629, Grant of Hampshire to Capt.

Anywhere or The Pathway To Experience to Erect a Plantation. 1635 April 22, Grant of the Province of New Hampshire to Mr. 1635, Grant of the Province of New Hampshire to John Wollaston, Esq. 1635 June 11, Grant of the Province of New Hampshire From Mr.

1701 October 28, Charter of Privileges Granted by William Penn, esq. Audio mp3 of Reading by Vine Deloria, Jr. 1750, Petition to Parliament: Reasons for making bar, as well as pig or sow-iron, ca. 1766 March 19, An Act Repealing the Stamp Ac. 1776 July 12, Journal of the Continental Congress.